Provider selection rules (smart): how to show specific (non default) price profile?

Jelle Maes 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Levent Yildizgoren 7 months ago 5

Does anyone have a clue on how to make specific price profiles show up in the result list after applying a specific provider selection rule? Many of our providers have different price profiles with different prices (rates, match matrix,...) , but right now only the default price profile shows up in the list of the selection rule. 

We are currently using views to get the list of providers we want, but we're looking for a more fluent solution.

Two potentials solutions to overcome our problem are 1) make adding categories and/or custom fields on price profile level possible or 2) enable filtering on price profile names in the configuration of the provider selection rules. 

Bonus question: anyone upgraded to XTRF 8.1 yet?

Very good question. We have a many vendors which have specific lower rates for certain clients. Using price profiles for this would be a very good solution only if this could be incorporated in a vendor selcetion rule.

Indeed, that would be a powerful way of assigning the correct profile to the job in question. We don't necessarily have it for certain clients, but we sometimes apply a different rate depending on the kind of proofreading (proofreading after translation done by a provider vs. after translation done by a customer)...


One way would be to add the preferred vendors to the client rate page, apply the **Preferred by client (specific price profile** filter to the vendor selection rule and mark it as Yes.

It can get tricky when you work with LSP vendors, however, as there is no clear-cut way to differentiate one vendor from another when they both offer the same language combinations.


Thanks for the input Jaime. That's correct, the solution you propose will work if it is a client-dependent case.


I would like to reactivate this topic as we have a problem with the list which the vendor selection rules generate.

Unlike Jelle, the default price profile of the provider doesn't show in our list when we click `select providers according to rules`. There seem to be random price profiles so the estimated costs are not accurate. I have tried to add new view for the list to add a new column such as `default price profile` but the only related option was Provider Price Profile which already shows the random price profiles, not the default ones.

I have also tried to make the other price profiles of the provider inactive to see if the default one would appear but it didn't work - inactive one still shows in the list.

What should we do to see only the default ones like Jelle, please?

(Note: We use classic projects)

Thank you!