Applying overall project discount

Emily Nash 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Cori Alcorn 2 years ago 8

Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere, but is there anyway of applying a bulk discount to the total cost of a project rather than going through language by language?

I even tried setting a discount at client level in their price profile but it didn't have any affect on the quote when I created it.

If this isn't currently possible I think it would be good to vote on it as I believe many people would benefit from being able to apply an overall discount, especially on projects with over ten target languages.

Under review

Hi Emily 

Discounts are applied to the language combination level in XTRF. Both Smart and Classic. It's not possible to apply a discount on the Project level.

One thing that comes to my mind is a workaround. Use the Language-independent "combination" in the Receivables section.

You can use it (if it's currently not used) to add there a Receivable with a negative value, that will be automatically deduced from the Project total.

You can use for this receivable a Percentage calculation unit and import the Value from the project total. This way the discount could be 10% of the project total.


Just an FYI, this is how we do it.We also use the language independent receivable to apply a discount manually. Having said that, I do wish there was a project level discount because that would simplify some of our invoicing tasks. Also, task level discounts show up differently in the data than doing a Language Independent discount, so it makes the accounting slightly more complicated.

I know you are referring to Smart Projects, but for others who are using Classic project, another way to do it is to add it in bulk to each language. I am unsure if the following method has a counterpart in Smart Projects.

  1. Click Multiple Change
  2. Select appropriate tasks and select the Edit radio button
  3. Check the Overwrite Discounts/Surcharges checkbox and choose your poison. Note you can only apply one here.
  4. It will now show up at the task level of the receivables.

    (I didn't actually add it here, but it will show up here, I added a different one to this project)

@Marek in the image above the volume discount and project management discounts are applied at the client price list level. If this behavior is not possible in Smart Projects as Emily indicates, I would highly suggest it be considered a priority feature, as it is a heavily used feature, at least with users I have spoken to.

@cori I'm embarrassed to say that, using Smart Projects, I've never considered client level discounts. We do have client level price lists that are discounted, but I've haven't seen a client level 20% discount. This would be very useful if it's not there. If it is there, I'd love to learn how to use it.

I will have to check, but I think we created that volume discount item and then applied it to the price list:


Discounts and surcharges applied to the client's price profile level, just like you've shown it in your last post, should work exactly the same in Smart and Classic projects (and quotes).

That's great news. @Mark, can you confirm? Maybe I misunderstood what you and Emily were saying.