Multiple source languages in Smart Projects

Emily Nash 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by mark 1 year ago 7

Is there a way of adding multiple source languages into a Smart Project for quotation purposes.

For example, I have a project with 18 target languages. The client requested translation from EN-US, however it works out more cost effective for them to translate into ES-ES and PT-PT first, before adapting the content from ES-ES to ES-419 and PT-PT to PT-BR.

I want to be able to show them in the same quote, as well as in the same project. Is there anyway that this can be done?

Alternatively, can this be done with Classic Projects?

Hello Emily,

You can only do that in Classic Projects. You can add as many different language combinations as you like there in the same quote (which can then be converted to a project).

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Hi Emily

Alexandros is right, to do it in one quote you'd need to use Classic projects.

With Smart projects, it would have to be separate quotes. Those quotes could be wrapped into one Opportunity and presented to the client at the same time. That gives the client the option to select which quote they want to accept. 


Hi, when you say wrapped in to one opportunity, what does this mean? Can you somehow group quotes together?

I'll tell you what happens for us. You can group multiple quotes together in one opportunity. Then you can send an automatic email that shares all the quotes at once. You'll get an email the lists out all the quotes. So you could have a quote for the Spanish source language, then a quote for the German source language... etc... This doesn't get at the issue of wanting to manage a single project (or have a single quote) that has multiple source languages.

Emily, we're on Smart Projects and this is one of our biggest frustrations with Smart Projects. We end up creating multiple projects/quotes in these instances. Frustrating, but it's what we have to do here. 

If I remember well, there is a similar topic already on the forum somewhere. We use the Smart Projects integration with memoQ; memoQ currently doesn't allow more than 1 language in a project. That's why it would be a solution to somehow group a few projects into one "mother project". Projects that are related to one final project/price for the client. Not only different source languages but also different sets of target languages for each of the project's documents could benefit from such a set-up.