Can Classic Projects start automatically on creation?

Thijs Senten 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Marek Joniec (XTRF Product Manager) 2 years ago 10

This may be a stupid question, but is there an option that allows workflows to automatically start on creation? What I'm trying to do is configure a workflow that starts automatically when a client launches a project from the client portal.

So far, I can automate almost everything up including quote sending, conversion into project and file delivery, but it still seems to need the click of a button to actually start the workflow.

Am I missing something here? It seems like a basic functionality.

Any insights here @XTRF?

Have you tried the "Auto-start Workflow after Quote Conversion" option under Settings -> Projects and Quotes -> Workflows (Classic)?

I think that in combination with an auto-converted quote should work.

Thanks Alexandros. That part worked, but only after a quote was created and sent. And to create a quote, the workflow needs to start first. RIght now I can't get the quote workflow to start when the quote is created by the client in the portal. 

This is what I have:

  1. Client creates (auto-accept) quote in portal throught the 'Launch project' button
  2. Workflow should start
  3. Memsource project is created through integration, analysis is returned to XTRF
  4. Receivables are created based on analysis
  5. Quote is automatically sent
  6. Quote is automatically accepted 
  7. Quote is automatically converted after acceptance
  8. Workflow continues

Step 2 is my problem.

I'm probably overlooking something, but I have stared at the settings for so long I'm sure I'm blind for the obvious...

If the "Automatically Convert Quote Accepted by Client and Start Workflow" box is also checked then it should work. 

Is your problem in the External Project Preparation automatic action? Does that stay in an Accepted state?

The problem indeed is that the first workflow step remains Accepted instead of Started, as you say. The job type of this first workflow step doesn't make a difference - I have tried several different types, so the issue is not with the External Project Preparation action in particular.

Have you had workflows that start automatically on creation? (Just to know that it's actually possible...)

I just tested it with our Memsource integration and it works. I created a test quote with Auto Accept enabled and as soon as it was sent (I did that through the Home Portal), it was converted to a project and and the External Project Preparation action started and completed successfully. 

I would look at things that would stop the automatic action or prohibit it from starting, such as missing input files, problems in creating receivables, etc.

OK - didn't you have to start the workflow manually anywhere? Did it start directly after you created the quote? That's interesting. It's what I'm looking for - to see how much of a lights-out workflow is possible.

But if it works for you, it should work for us too. I'm going to look into it some more, and maybe post a ticket with support. 

Thanks for your help!

Searching answer

Hi Thijs

I'd suggest checking a couple of things in the definition of the workflow.

  • Is the External project preparation step in Quote jobs area
  • Quote tab, both checkboxes are selected

  • Receivables tab, there is at least on CAT receivable added there

All those 3 points altogether should give you this automation.

Please make sure that the receivable created in the Quote is more than 0. If the total of the quote is 0 (Analysis is correct but there's no basco rate to calculate total)  system will not send it.

YES! This last one fixed it, thanks!

I had not added a CAT receivable under the Receivables tab, but only ticked the box in the CAT Tools tab that says to create a receivable based on the analysis. Now that I added a CAT receivable under the Receivables tab, it works. 

Thanks both for your help!