How can we create a credit note? (= avoir in french)

PSant 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Jussi Rautio 2 years ago 4

Do you know how I can create a credit notein XTRF? I mean, when my invoice is sent and saved to my client accounting department and mine too. Then, client is complaining 2 months later. We see that he is right and we offer 20% with acredit note to deduct to the initial invoice. How can I create this credit note Inside XTRF and it makes automatically the final revenue of the project, in order to have the real margin after this credit note deducted.

That's a function we are asking for for 4 years :)

We use another system to create the credit notes now.

Color me interested. What are you guys doing for that?

The way we do it is to add another task to that project with an appropriate description (e.g. CREDIT NOTE FOR XXXX) with a negative receivable (so, e.g. -€150). You can then invoice that like any normal task and add a Credit Note template to change the heading in the PDF (as well as any other information you might like).

Yep, that's what you need to do: Create a new task with a negative receivable/payable. This means opening an already closed project which messes up reporting.

We are also wondering how this kind of an utterly basic functionality is still missing from XTRF,