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How to automate the creation of folders

Rashad_Mamedov 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 2 years ago 3

Good evening!

Is there a way to make an automatic creation of folder with the project in the client you choose?

Like I have a client named "Shell"

I just create a project choosing this client and on my local disc it creates a folder with the project name

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Dear Rashad,

Can you maybe share a little bit more details about that problem?

Some screenshots would be highly appreciated

In general, Smart Projects do not give you access to their file system.

If you want to work with files on your server's disk, you may be interested in the Classic Projects.


We have our own file server that stores all the files for a project. We use the API subscription to see if there is a new quote or project. If there is, we use SFTP to connect to our file server and put all the files there in a new folder.