Bundles and classic projects - memoq

Peter Kolar 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Lucia 2 years ago 2


I was wondering how you setup classic projects with memoQ using Bundles.

More specifically for jobs that require multiple translators (jobs) in which each translator gets his own file.

Is there a way to set up a workflow definition that would automatically add a specific number of bundles according to the number of translators?

Or is the solution to just create a workflow definition with multiple bundles and hope the number of translators will not be larger than number of bundles?

Or am I missing something fundamental here?

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Dear Peter,

Right now the answer is the latter version.

If you want to have at least somewhat pre-defined workflow in Classic Projects that will help you with this memoQ case, you need to have as many bundles as you think is the max amount of vendors per job can be.

Is the only way to create additional bundles in the workflow definition? Is there no way to add a bundle at a project level once the workflow i already in use?