Cannot create client invoices from the Add Client Invoice menu at the top of page

Alexandros 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Kaspar Kaup 2 years ago 3

Is anyone else experiencing this with Client and Provider invoices in 8.0.9? 

It is getting extremely frustrating having to deal with all the new bugs in each version. Is there zero quality control anymore? Why does XTRF keep breaking things that worked with each patch build?


We will bring it back in 8.0.10 - sorry for this inconvenience.

This was an attempt to further expand the presence of the new views (and getting rid of the old ones). Something went wrong... as this was meant to be introduced only in 8.1.

Again, you need to test these better. We cannot keep waiting for fixes to bugs introduced in the previous bug fix versions, it is creating too many problems.

We are having the same issue, not terribly fun to spend double the usual time on invoicing... 

PS - Please of please do not get rid of the old views - they have much more compact layout and the possibility of clicking on the project number and being taken to the project page is extremely helpful when some data needs correction before invoicing - this is extremely convenient and seems to be lacking in the new views.