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Jorge Villafuerte 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 2 years ago 6

Is it possible to limit branch users (PMs, PCs,) to only see branch's projects, quotes.


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I don't think that is supported - the way branches are implemented in XTRF is very limited right now in my opinion. 

However, there is a work around. You create new views for projects and quotes, add the Branch field in the filters and "lock" the branch or branches to those you want. You then share the view with your PMs or whoever you want who cannot edit it.

I am not sure what you can do about the default views though. I think you can no longer edit those since they appear to have been shared with you. Maybe XTRF support can help you with that though by editing them to your liking.

Thanks Alexandros, as you are right there with the workaround suggestion and general conclusions.

Every view has an owner and it is shared by a particular account. They can be taken over and modified by anyone with access to General Configuration > Views:

Thank you, that is really helpful, I was not aware you can do that!

Thanks to both we will try to implement that