Feedback for XML file creator for Trados stats

Jan Hinrichs 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 2 years ago 3

Hi XTRF Community, 

At Beluga we have created a simple web based form to get stats from Smartling and other TMS into XTRF as XML files for the receivable and payables in Smart Projects.

Test server link: https://dedalusnet.com/servicios/xmlxtrf/xmlxtrf/www/

Would be great to hear if this is useful for you too. Hope you like it and it saves some time. Your feedback is very much welcomed!

Here is a screenshot: 

It works out for us but Would be great to get 


What are the advantages to using this instead of the built-in xtrf functionality for this? 


Hi Lennart, we use it for larger projects with several language. If you use the xml files you just have to upload one file, choose automatic receivables and payables on and you are done with word count input. Speeds up the issue a lot. With this mask you go one by one.

For online TMS like smartling the grid is way simpler than the Trados fuzzy grid. 

If somebody can share a compatible MemoQ analyse file which matches the "Others" fuzzy match grid we can add this one two. 

The main reason for using Others instead of Trados grid is to avoid 15 lines per language in the invoice. The "others" grid is half as long and should work better for all those online editors with a small grid:

Others grid: