Can I delete project files?

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We have a customer who requested that we delete their files after the completion of a project.  We were able to delete some of the files, but two remain.  How can I delete the remaining files?

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Can you be more specific about the situation you found yourself in?

A screen shot would be very helpful.

Thanks for your response, Lukasz!

Below is a screenshot from the "Files" section of the said project.

As you can see, we cannot click on "Delete."


Normally, there is a tooltip when you hover your mouse pointer over the Delete action explaining why it is inactive.

In this case, I suppose, it is all about sharing files with jobs in status Ready. You can work round it by changing the statuses and deleting it then, of course.

We are currently working on a GDPR-inspired solution to archive project files, which effectively will allow you to erase such data.

Thank you, Lukasz!

Hi Lukasz - it seems we can still not delete files, even with the updated GDPR version of XTRF. Do we still need to do the workaround of re-opening all of the jobs?