"Credit Card" Payment Type removal

We strongly advise "Credit Card" as Payment Type be removed from your XTRF instance.

  1. Go to Configuration > System Values > Payment Types and click on the trash icon in Delete column.

  2. When it is in use by at least on client or vendor profile, then this action will not be successful.

  3. You may want to deactivate it at this stage, so it will not be available for adding.

  4. Every client and vendor profile needs to be verified against the Payment Methods used.

  5. Make sure every instance of Payment Method that uses "Credit Card" as a Payment Type disappears from your database. Only then will you be able to remove the Payment Type from configuration. If "Credit Card" is used in client or vendor profile, it should be removed or overwritten with random data. (Overwriting, however, will not let you delete it permanently from the system - see point 2.)

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