Automatic CAT Job Finishing

Automatic CAT Job Finishing automatically sets CAT Tool Job's status to Ready when all documents shared with that Job are delivered in CAT tool.

Currently, Smart Projects support only the integration with memoQ software. The integration periodically synchronizes XTRF project with the linked memoQ project and, among other actions, verifies documents' statuses changes. When the integration detects that all memoQ documents shared with a given CAT Tool Job are delivered (i.e. have been set to appropriate status), the status of that CAT Tool Job is automatically set to Ready, and the next Job or Jobs in the Process get started (unless the Job auto-starting strategy is configured otherwise). The Project Manager is also sent a relevent e-mail notification that the Job has been delivered by the Vendor.

Automatic CAT Job Finishing greatly supports the scenario when vendor works on a CAT Tool Job on-line (i.e. either by checking out the project for work from Vendor Portal or via memoQ WebTrans). In such scenario, vendors only need to deliver all assigned documents in memoQ and, once done, the automation will finish the related Job in Vendor Portal on their behalf. In case of off-line work, i.e. when vendors work using their own memoQ client (or another CAT tool), the deliverables need to be uploaded to Vendor Portal manually, and vendors need to submit their work by clicking I Finished The Job button.

Automatic CAT Job Finishing works only if vendor assigned to a given CAT Tool Job does not need to log their time spent on that Job. This can be set up in Home Portal under Configuration > Portals > Vendor Portal, in section Job Manager Settings.

Using the setting Vendors allowed to declare time spent on jobs, you can indirectly control for which vendors the assigned CAT Tool Jobs can be finished by the Automatic CAT Job Finishing feature:

  • Selecting None option will enable Automatic CAT Job Finishing for all vendors.
  • Selecting In-house only option will disable Automatic CAT Job Finishing for your in-house vendors.
  • Selecting All option will disable Automatic CAT Job Finishing for all vendors.

Regardless of Automatic CAT Job Finishing, Project Managers are always able to manually set the status of any CAT Tool Job to Ready in Home Portal. They need to be careful, however, not to do this while the vendor is still working on the Job. Project Managers can also revert the Job's status back to Started - Automatic CAT Job Finishing will not mark it back as Ready, because the automation is monitoring changes of statuses and not the actual statuses themselves.

Automatic CAT Job Finishing does not support partial delivery of work by vendor. To deliver part of work, vendors need to do it manually by clicking I Completed Part of the Job button in Job Manager.

This automation can be considered Always On.

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