Languages card

The 'Languages' card is the second section in each Smart Project. It is used to set up the language pair and specialization. 

In Smart Projects you are able to choose one Source Language and all available Target Languages. One specialization per project is allowed. There are no multiple-specializations projects in XTRF.

Languages and Specialization vs Status of the Smart Quote / Project

Languages selection

When the Quote / Project is being opened, the language pair can be freely adjusted.

When the Quote / Project is in progress, the Source Language is fixed, but the Target Languages can be added along to the existing one.

When the Quote is rejected / Project is closed or canceled, all fields are grayed out and no further changes can be made.


Specialization can be changed for the whole duration of the Quote (unless it’s rejected) and Project (until it’s closed or cancelled).

Specialization changes in Projects are also reflected in Quotes from which these Projects originated.

For Projects / Quotes integrated with memoQ, changing the Specialization will also update the Domain field accordingly in the linked memoQ project.


Changing the Specialization after the Project has started may result in Payables and / or Receivables having invalid rates (provided they have been defined already). Always make sure to double check the ‘Finance’ tab for accuracy after you change the Specialization.

    Languages Smart Projects

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