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  • Service – what is sold to the Client, e.g. translation premium, translation + DTP, subtitling
  • Process – a sequence of steps defining all the activities that need to be performed in order to deliver the final files to a Client (e.g. translation + editing + proofreading)
  • Step – a building block of a process (e.g. translation)
  • Job – an activity performed by one Vendor that is subject to payment (e.g. translation). A job is executed within a process step. It may cover one or multiple language combinations or be language-independent.
  • Volume – by default, the volume refers to the estimated number of words in a source file sent by the Client for translation. It can also be expressed in units other than source words, e.g. source line, hour, etc.
  • Specialization – an area of expertise of the Vendor or the subject matter of the project (e.g. Legal, Automotive)
  • Source Language – a language that is to be translated into another language
  • Target Language – a language that is being translated into


  • CAT analysis – a log file generated by a CAT tool (e.g. Trados, memoQ) as a result of comparing the source text against the Translation Memory. It provides the exact number of new words, fuzzy matches, repetitions and context matches in the file for translation.
  • CAT Payable – a single amount that will be paid to the Vendor for the Job assigned, based on the CAT analysis
  • CAT Receivable – a single amount that the Client will be charged for the Project, based on the CAT analysis
  • Payable – a single amount that will be paid to the Vendor for the Job assigned
  • Receivable – a single amount that the Client will be charged for the Project
  • Price profile – a list of rates that is applicable only to one Client or Vendor
  • Price list – a list of standard rates that can be shared by a group of Clients or Vendors


  • Job Offer – an e-mail message sent to a group of Vendors prompting them to indicate their availability for an upcoming Project
  • Job evaluation – evaluation of the quality of the text provided by a Vendor; can be performed by a reviewer or a Project Manager

File types

  • Source Document – the source file provided by the Client for translation
  • Reference File – any file provided as an additional material for the Vendor (e.g. glossary, instructions, website link)
  • Translated Document – the final file delivered by the Vendor, containing translation of the source text provided by the Client


  • Purchase Order – a detailed Job specification sent to the Vendor, including information on the subject of the assignment as well as payment details for the activity or activities assigned to the Vendor
  • Quote Confirmation – a detailed project specification sent to the Client for approval before the Project is launched. It gives an approximate estimate of the project cost and the delivery date.
  • Project Confirmation – a document containing detailed project information, including the overall project cost, service and language pairs requested, that is delivered to the Client once the Project is started.
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