Process card

Process is the heart of the Project and is found on the third card from top, ie. it follows Order and Languages cards in a Smart Project. Here is what it looks like:

Possible operations

List of what can be found/set/done in this section:

  • Process template can be swapped only before the first job is started (or in case of CAT tool integration: before synchronization is initiated.)
  • New process Steps can be added at any time by clicking the Edit Process button and rearranging.
  • CAT tool specific: project template can be selected.
  • CAT tool specific: external project name is shown.
  • Operations available from the Job Actions menu are seen on the screen shot below.
  • In simpler one-language projects or when individual process steps contain just one (multilingual) job, Vendors can be assigned directly on job blocks.
  • Jobs in specific language combinations can be shown by using the Languages filter:
  • When the automation button is green, it indicates that Automatic Jobs Splitting is on.
  • The top-right button on the card lets you Maximize the card within a Smart Project page.

Job blocks

The colors seen in the lower part of a job block help you realize what status the jobs are:

  • Dark blue - Open
  • Light blue - Accepted
  • Orange - Started
  • Green - Ready
  • Gray - Canceled

Small circles in each step contain initials or picture of the assigned vendor.

When there are more than 5 jobs piled upon one another in one step, then a number of jobs within a step is displayed instead.

Process Design Smart Projects

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