What is an XTRF Chat Workspace?

Each XTRF Platform automatically gets a Workspace in XTRF Chat. Chat users can join multiple Workspaces in different roles.

XTRF Platforms

XTRF Platforms are created for clusters of users with the same business purpose. The nature and the complexity of these purposes may vary depending on the company policy. Sometimes the whole company operates under a single XTRF Platform, sometimes different locations, departments, or teams are assigned to separate XTRF Platforms.

XTRF Chat Workspaces

Workspaces are equivalents of Platforms for XTRF Chat. Once XTRF Chat is enabled for a given XTRF Platform, it gets linked to a dedicated XTRF Chat Workspace.

Within one Workspace, Project Managers and Coordinators can communicate with Vendors in Chat Rooms, created automatically and separately for each Quote or Project.

XTRF Workspace 02

List of available Workspaces


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