How is data synchronized between memoQ and Smart Project?

The following table shows what data is synchronized between Smart Project and a linked memoQ project.

Data (XTRF equivalent in brackets)
XTRF => memoQ
memoQ => XTRF Comments
Project name

Only once, upon memoQ project creation;
Format: {xtrf project id} - {xtrf project name}. Unsupported characters are replaced by underscores "_".
Only adding new languages (you cannot remove languages in memoQ)
Domain Specialization from XTRF is mapped

Client ID from XTRF is mapped
Project deadline

Documents (remote Bilingual Documents)

Resources (remote Translation Memories and Terminologies)
removing Resources is synchronized in both directions; adding new Resources is only synchronized from memoQ to XTRF.
Document (Job) status

Vendor assigned to Document (Job)

Document (Job) deadline

Apart from the synchronization actions listed in the table above, Smart Project is periodically synchronized with linked memoQ project every 8 minutes. This periodic synchronization covers:

  • refreshing the list of remote Bilingual Documents on the Files card,
  • refreshing the list of remote Translation Memories and Terminology files on the Files card,
  • verification of documents' statuses changes (which may have influence on corresponding Job's status),
  • verification of languages of remote Translation Memories and Terminology files.

The synchronization of Smart Project with the linked memoQ project can also be forced manually, by clicking Synchronize Now on the Process card.

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