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Default specialization for clients

Laszlo Kovacs 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 4 years ago 4

Do you know of a way to set a default specialization for a client?

It should be pre-selected whenever you create a project for that specific client.

Under review

Laszlo, this sounds like a development idea to me. If you let me, I will move that topic to the dedicated forum.

In short, setting specializations could be seen as an automation that depends on the selected client.

Could you share a use case or two from your experience? Would you have customers who use more than one specialization and what they would be? Is it related to Industry specified in their profile in any way?

Hi Lukas, sorry for late reply... First of all, please note that we use Classic projects.

Our use case is the following:

Many clients send many very similar jobs. As of now, you have to set specializations for each and any project - yet another field to fill in automatically.

Duplicate project might be a solution for this, but finding a "similar" project takes a lot of time, and it transfers a lot of unnecessary settings that should be empty when creation a new project (like Client PO number, etc.).

Thanks for sharing!

And would you have customers who use more than one specialization?

In real life, yes. In our practice, no. 

We tend to create separate customers in such cases, even if the invoice is paid by the same company, because all TMs and TBs need to be kept separate.