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Solution to assign work to multiple users within an external SLV

Jose Palomares 5 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Chris Phillips 5 years ago 8

Posting this under "Classic" but also affects "Smart".

We have the following common scenario: we work with SLVs where we assign multiple jobs, let's say "Translation" and "Editing", to two different translators on the SLV side. They need to work at the same time and we want to know who worked on each segment/translation, so we need to have two distinct users for them in memoQ. However, from XTRF, each vendor can have only one set of credentials that can be passed onto memoQ.

One solution we can think of would be to let each of the contact persons on the Vendor profile have their own set of credentials. After all, each contact person has a full profile and access to portal, so the concept of multiple persons within the vendor already exists. It would only make sense that they could also be assigned to tasks and jobs individually.



Agreed, having to set up different accounts for the same vendor would mess up the financials and possibly affect payment costs, having to manually assign from memoQ would mean decoupling both systems. 

1 - It should be optional on a per user basis to prevent license abuse/assigning to incorrect people, like the accounting contact.

2 - I would be great if it allowed for setting up how many simultaneous mQ licenses can be used though I can see the difficulties for this approach.

We had the same problem, but with Memsource integration instead of MemoQ. We currently have the following solution in place that works well for us:

1. We have multiple vendor accounts in XTRF for the same SLV. Each is linked to a separate Memsource account.

2. We assign those different vendor accounts to different steps in the workflow.

3. In the background a periodic job is active which runs a macro that checks for these jobs, and when they are set to ready, the assignment is changed to a so-called master vendor account. In this way, all (financial) information is collected into the master vendor account, which the vendor uses for invoicing. This also means that reporting is fairly accurate, because eventually everything will end up in a single account for that particular SLV. The macro was created for us by XTRF.

While this solution works for us, I'll be following any developments in this regard with interest.

Hi Thijs, that´s good to know as could work for us too.

Are you using Smart projects with this workflow?


We only work in Classic Projects, because of the Memsource integration.

I see. Thijs, thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Perhaps the XTRF team can confirm if it would be possible to replicate in Smart projects.

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Macros cannot modify smart projects, Leo.

Perhaps, what you could think of is an external app on our smart project API that is periodically doing the same thing that Thijs described.

Thanks Łukasz, it´s good to know it can be done =:).

Another option would be to have

Vendor > Main data > system accounts - as default (fallback) credentials for memoQ

 Then under Vendor > Competencies & Rates > Job Type - Add different credentials at this level. Similar to how we apply minimum rates to the different level. 

Would that require a major update or could an interim solution work using Classic Projects?