How to improve our workflow? (how do you do it?)

Juan (Comunica Translations) 2 weeks ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects 0


I would really appreciate to know the way you add the payables as we don't seem to find a way to properly set them.

Our workflow is as follow:

Lets imagine we have a 1 step workflow, only translation.

- We need to select a vendor for the job.
- Add a payable in order to calculate the money we have to way to the vendor (now the job has been directly accepted).
- We go to the finance tab in order to see if the project suits the company's margin.
- Then change the job to open.
- Send a request to the vendor to see if the vendor would accept de job.

Issues we might find:

- We always have to rollback the job status to open.
- We need to select the vendor twice (when calculating the vendor's payable) and when sending the job request.
- When we add the vendor for the request, we need to make sure we selected the proper price profile. The PM has more probabilities to make a mistake in this step.
- If we have set a specific percentages in the CAT Payable, once the vendor accepts the job, those percentages are lost.
- If we set the payable to a total of zero (because for us is mandatory for the linguist to be able to see the CAT Analysis), that means that we have to calculate the payable once again after the vendor has accepted the offer.

So how do you do it in regards to this process? 
We have heard that XTRF users normally just pick up the linguist based on their price profile (in the vendor's search box when selecting the vendor); but we need to take in consideration that percentages are important, and we base most of our payables in CAT payables and not in weighted wordcounts.

Really appreciate your help.

My best regards.