How to send customer account statement?

Meghan Cooper 2 years ago in Home Portal updated 2 years ago 5


I see that there is a template for Account Statement in XTRF settings, and I see some information here https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/display/XTRFHelp/Charges+-+Invoices+-+Customer about the "Charges" tab within the Invoicing module. However when I go to the invoicing module I don't see any charges tab or how to use an Account Statement template? Is this discontinued (and assumed that the client would use the customer portal instead), or can you please direct me to where to use this feature? Thank you!

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Hi Meghan 

I'm sorry for the outdated article. The tab is now called Client Receivables, you can find it in the Invoicing module.

Select at leas one item on the list and click the Send Document button. It will send the Account statement to the client.

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That's great - thank you! Will clicking "Send Document" pop up a preview to edit the email body, or just send it? (Ideally there are options to do both, like when delivering a project through the workflow graph, or sending an invoice).


It will open a pop-up where you could select a document template, preview the document and edit the notification message.