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Anyone familiar with Xilio?

Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago in Something Else updated by Leo Gurman 2 years ago 8

I am just curious if anyone here came across Xilio and found it interesting.



Would you like XTRF to enable integration with that tool?

Looks interesting, but it wouldn't be my priority.

Not interesting for us as we are memoQ users. But what would the XTRF/memoQ integration look like if we made use of the new memoQ WordPress connector. We are currently discussing a large-scale project with a client that would make use of the WordPress connector. Have you already tested this within the Smart Project integration?

Under review

Seems like the 2-way synchronization with memoQ would need to include creating XTRF projects based on memoQ's. Not impossible but also not a priority, at the moment.

I would love to see this 2-way synchronization for the Memsource integration. 

Would there be any synergy developing this at the same time for both Memsource & MemoQ or are these completely separate developments?

They are completely separate, unfortunately. Not only because they are different tools, but also because of the XTRF technology: classic vs. smart.

Ah yes, of course. Pity though.

Definitely very interesting for us!

Sounds interesting. @Sancho, we´re also testing the memoQ WordPress connector, I´ve opened a new thread here so we can vote for integration and share any findings.