Where can I change company address?

Clarice M. 2 years ago in Something Else updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 7

In the POs to vendors, the country is wrongly listed, how do I correct it? Couldn't find it in the settings.


I guess it would take the Country from your Branch. Navigate to Settings --> Branches --> Edit branch, there you can edit this setting or let your account manager edit it.
Though this greatly depends on your PO template, if it's customized, it can be any field. In that case you should install Eclipse and change the template file.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your reply, however cannot find the 'Branches' option in the Settings menu. This is what I have as options..



I think you have different privileges. I guess you should turn to your account manager and ask him/her to change the country for you.

This is what I can see:

Ok, thank you - will do so.


Dear Clarice and Dennis,

The main branch data of your XTRF instance can only be changed by XTRF Support. In the future if you wish to change any of the data from the main branch please contact either XTRF Support or your Account Manager.

We hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Maksymilian Szapski

Hi Maksymilian,

I contacted the account manager and the problem was solved. Thanks for your help!