Turnaround Time Reporting at Project and Task level?

Jaime Zuniga 2 years ago in Home Portal updated 2 years ago 2


For our client-facing reporting, we often need to report the time-to-market, or turnaround time for our projects. I am looking to create a report for a client who is asking for turnaround time at both the project and task level.

So, for instance, let's say I have a start date for the project - e.g. March 1, 2018, and delivery date of March 8, 2018. The TAT for this project is 7 calendar days / 5 business days. I am looking to calculate this info across all of the projects (and tasks) for a particular client.

For now, we are only able to export a report with the start and end dates, copy this into Excel, run a formula and in this way get the TAT at the project and task level.

I was wondering if something like this was already available in XTRF and if not - does anyone have any ideas as to how we might get this from XTRF, perhaps using a virtual column?

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How is that report sent to the client, in form of a spreadsheet file on monthly basis?

If so, use of a custom column makes perfect sense in the scenario you shared.

I am pretty sure our Customization Team could come up with something like that.

Thanks, Łukasz. I have passed on your response in a ticket I opened with Support. Hopefully you are right that this is indeed possible.