Possible to have multiple default calculation units?

Meghan Cooper 2 years ago in Home Portal updated 2 years ago 4

Is it possible to have a few calculation units which can be considered "default"? We have several different jobs which have mutually exclusive calculation units, so it would be helpful for there to be a ranking order of default calculation units so that all jobs/receivables have the correct one by default to make setting up POs and receivables quicker.

Satisfaction mark by Meghan Cooper 6 months ago

Only one unit can be made default, unfortunately.

You can limit the selection of units available per job type. Even if it is just one unit per job type, it still does not mean it is going to be default but it is the closest to having the correct ones used in PO/receivables setup.


Thanks Lukasz, I'll play around with it to find the quickest solution then :)

Thanks! Upvoted and will add my thoughts there :)