Custom templates modification (BIRT 4)

Michal 2 years ago in Home Portal updated by mark 2 years ago 9


is there anybody who customized templates (invoice or any other) on their own? If so, how did you look up names of data fields you are displaying in the report?

In the past, we used to be able to switch UI language to "XX_ localization" which was displaing codenames.




I use the Javadoc to look up the names of the data fields. You can ask your account manager to get access to the javadoc.


Michal, we offer training :)

Also, an Academy guide is in preparation for lighter things, like adjusting email templates, or custom columns, but if there is interest, we may come up with a guide to BIRT in the future, as well.

I will look forward to this training option in the future.

Javadoc and civilized guesses. Also, if you use Eclipse for BIRT development the basic fields are already defined in the data sources.

Hi Michal,

JavaDoc is a must here, but please keep in mind that document templates refer to snapshot classes instead of "full-scale" ones. 

We strongly recommend taking a training with XTRF Customization Specialist however checking out .rptdesign files for built-in Document Templates is a good starting point.

We have updated some of our templetes (Qoute, invoces)  with new logo and some texts, bet can not produce ready documents after this update. What is wrong? Changes in these .rptdesign files we did with BIRT. 

Guntar, please contact Service Desk and provide them with samples and information of what has changed between template versions.

Are there still any considerations to creating a guide to BIRT?