Is it possible that the all vendors that are part of a project are informed that they have been assigned a part?

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For example, I have a project which includes Translation and then Proofreading and the 2 processes are assigned to 2 different vendors. However, at the moment, the vendor which is doing the proofreading is only notified of the project when the translated files from the first vendor are uploaded and the start date of proofreading is reached. I would like that, when a project starts, he would get a heads up that he will have a proofreading job in 2 days' time for example. Is there any way to do this?


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Hi Clarice
There is no notification for the vendors when you select them for a job. But all jobs assigned to a Vendor (but not started yet, the status of the Job in the project is Accepted) are displayed on the Pending jobs list in the Vendor Portal. If your vendor has an active account on the Vendor Portal he/she can always check if there are any jobs for the future.

I'd suggest to consider Job Offers, with manual vendor selection as an alternative way of assigning vendors, at least for some jobs in the process.
So instead of selecting the vendor manually, you could send a job offer to that vendor. This way the vendor would be notified about a job in a project.
More information about the XTRF Job Offers:


I think one way around that would be to customize the workflow to allow the proofreading job to start together with the translation job so the proofreader get the assignment and PO email right away.

I believe you can still use a different start date and deadline (but the job will start right away).


I think Clarice uses Smart Projects and Alexandros refers to the Classic Ones.

Just so nobody gets confused ;)

Thanks everyone for your help :)