Project instructions not visible to vendors?

Clarice M. 2 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 3

When adding a project, there are 2 fields for inserting notes - Customer notes and Internal notes. I filled out both of these, however in the vendor portal neither of these fields are shown. I was wondering if there is any way where I can add instructions which are shown to the vendor in a similar field instead of attaching a file with instructions. At the moment, in the vendor portal, there appears the following message in the Instructions section 'There are no specific instructions for this job'.

Satisfaction mark by Clarice M. 2 years ago

Dear Clarice,

Adding notes to Vendors can be a little tricky, you can add it to a right-hand side job panel.

I have prepared a short video that should explain all steps that you need to perform.


I hope that it helps!

Best regards,


Thank you for the tutorial, appreciate it!