Reports With Multiple Columns

cameron.williams 3 years ago in Something Else updated by mark 2 years ago 4

Is it possible to create a report with multiple columns?

I'm trying to create a report that will list out all projects, with columns for delivery date, requester, total agreed, etc. I've been able to create such a report using an API and Google Sheets, but it would be ideal to make this report available to our clients in the client portal.


You can crate a view with all that data in the Home Portal.

Now, to share it with the client through their portal is not currently possible.

What you achieved with help of XTRF API and Google Sheets is the best thing I can think of.


Related to this, a question about the format of multicolumn reports sent by email. What possibilities are there to optimize the format of the emailed (periodic job) reports? In the example below you can see that the column with the most text is too tight for easy reading. Can these settings be adjusted manually or is there a way to influence the automatic report formatting in XTRF?

You could influence the looks of those tables by playing with the Theme style in Notifications. It requires some CSS knowledge and results will vary between mail clients (Outlook will usually read it in a different way than other applications.)

I have also wanted to do some sort of limit of overflow on cells for periodic jobs like these. Because of the challenges of CSS in email, and the limits of adding styles to the embedded "${info.dataAsHtmlTable}" variable, I gave up. My assumption right now is that the emails with the data aren't useful other than as a reminder that it includes the CVS file attached.

But making these emails more usable would be helpful. Maybe not number 1 or 2 on my list, but useful.