Where do you upload files that don't belong in the pre-existing folders in a workflow?

Popie Matsouka 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by mark 3 years ago 3

Hi everyone,

I'm curious, do you utilize the existing folder structure in XTRF or did you create new directories too?

For example, if you want to keep one zip file with all of the client's handoff in one place (as is, for safekeeping), where do you put it in the workflow directories?

Or, another example, say you want to store a PDF that is the client's PO for you. Where do you keep that? None of the existing "Input files" folders is appropriate for this.

Did you make new folders for your company, or did you adjust your needs to this particular set of folders?

And, last but not least, how do you handle "Master memories" for specific end-clients? For example, say you have one master TM for an end-client, how does that get updated at the end of each project, so that it will be available for the next one, for all vendors?


We keep all these things outside XTRF on a normal network share. This way, we can manage the files with familiar file management tools.

We have had a similar issue, in that we needed to attached the email with the client's approval to the project. In the end, we created a separate bundle for this (in Classic Projects), and added regex rules that would always direct .msg files into this specific bundle. This bundle is not shared throughout the project, and only serves to store the file and keep it with the project.

For ease of use, the bundle is of the Work File type, because that's the preselected one by XTRF when files are manually uploaded into a new project. This way, we could just upload source files + project approval mail at once, and due to the regex they are assigned to the correct bundles.

I think the same could work for other types of files, but in those cases there would be a bit more of manual bundle selection, because I don't think it's possible to create an all-encompassing regex that suits each and every situation.


We also create shared folders outside of XTRF - specifically on Google Drive. However, we'd love an ability to easily access from a client project in Smart Projects. We do find it inconvenient to have to keep this separate.  I'd love a new card on the Smart Project that is all about the client files where we can keep POs or user agreements. That can be stored in XTRF of a link to an external file share. Storing it in the client file storage folder is not convenient. At minimum, a way to display the client files on a project card would be helpful.