Signing generated PDFs

Michal 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by Ben Miller 4 months ago 8

Has anybody of you implemented or considered adding electronic signature to the PDF files generated by XTRF before they are downloaded/emailed to the recipient? 


@Lukasz would it be possible to sign a BIRT generated PDF report using iText as described here and only subsequently a) allow it to be downloaded by a user b) email it to a recipient?
We would need this implemented for customer/provider invoices.

Let me inquire with the customization team.


Hi Michal, sending PDF's by XTRF to be e-signed in an external tool is not possible at the moment.

The only way I see is to do it all manually, ie. 1. download a PDF generated by XTRF, 2. sign it electronically, 3. open "edit&send" dialog in XTRF, and 4. replace the attached PDF with the one that is e-signed.

i have noticed that you are planning to migrate the PDF generating environment in the next major release, it would also be useful to have the possibility to sign PDF files at creation using electronic seal in accordance with the elDAS regulation. 

Hi Michal, where did you hear about plans for XTRF to "migrate the PDF generating environment in the next major release"? I can't find any reference to this information here: https://xtrf.userecho.com/communities/4-xtrf-versions

Does anyone from XTRF care to comment? Switching out the PDF generation environment is definitely something we would need a heads up on :)

Hi Ben,

I wasn't exactly right with the next major release, however it was mentioned in a "2019 in a review" blog post: that redesign of the document templates editor is planned for 2020.


Great, thanks a lot Michal – that information slipped past me, it seems 😀

@XTRF: any updates on when to expect this new approach to document templates?