One client portal for customers with multiple offices (i.e. subsidiaries)

Tino Hother 3 years ago in Client Portal updated 3 years ago 3

Dear all,

Some of our customers have multiple offices, i.e. subsidiaries in different countries. Their headquarters would like to be able to monitor the quotes/projects from all offices within one customer portal.

For an internal test, we created a customer B and linked him as an office of customer A. For both customers, we have a shared contact person, and we also selected the "All Selected offices" option for "Manage" under "Account Data". However, when signing in to the portal, our contact person from customer B cannot see the quotes / projects from customer A.

What is the purpose of the "All Selected offices" options? And how can we set up a central client portal access for multiple subsidiaries of the same client?



Dear Tino,

Regarding the option "All Selected offices" there are one thing that you need to set up before contact person will actually be able to see projects and quotes from a different customer.

You need to go to Main Data of a Contact Person and select all the offices this contact person should see projects and quotes from.

Here is an example of such selection:

In that particular case, contact person will be able to see only the projects from two offices that are selected. I am not sure if this is your case as I do not have a screenshot of that setting but I believe that this information might be useful to you and help you solve the issue.

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Thank you Bartosz. Your answer was very helpful.

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