Preferred vendor management

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I am sorry, maybe I'm not getting this correctly, but it doesn't seem like I can create "preferred vendors" for my clients. 

I'd like to be able to have the criteria "preferred vendor"/"back-up vendor" for each language and for each client, since they are often selected following tests.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance


Preferred vendor is a functionality available in the Rates tab within Customer account.

It lets you specify a list of related vendors who can then be selected for the client's Smart Projects. In the upcoming version 7, the same will also be available as a vendor filter for the Classic Projects.

Notice that language is a competency defined in vendor profile, not a preference set per client.

Thank you for this reply.

I see that the function exists, however here we just add a list of vendors. Is it possible to have a "validated"/"backup" status for the vendor, related to the specific client?

Following tests, the client chooses a translator's profile, and it would be convenient to show it in the system.

And it's not just putting a "selected" status in the vendor's profile, because one translator can be OK for one specific client, but not for another client. 

Thanks in advance


One thing I see as very inconvenient in usefulness of the preferred vendors feature is that you can't assign them just for specific source/target language, e.g.

preferred translator 1 - EN-FR, EN-NL
preferred translator 1 - EN-DE


This seems like a big limitation.