How to merge two vendor accounts?

Seyma Albarino 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by Marek Joniec (XTRF Product Manager) 3 years ago 1

We work with vendor "Company." A contact from "Company" created a vendor account in August. In October, someone else from "Company" (it seems unknowingly) created a second vendor account for "Company" with a slightly different name (and with a new contact person). Both accounts are currently Active.

Is there a way to merge these two vendor accounts? Or should I just make one account Inactive and add a contact person to the remaining Active account?


Hi Seyma

There's an option in XTRF for merging Vendor profiles. On the list of your Vendors select both profiles and click the Merge Profiles button on top of the page. Now here's a trick, this function can be used for one purpose only that is why this button is visible on the interface only when you have selected 2 profiles on the list. It is hidden when no profiles are selected:

The next screen is a summary/confirmation page. It shows a short summary of both profiles and the result after merging:

In simple words, Profile 1 will be completed with some information from the Profile 2, Profile 1 will maintain its Name and address data. Contact persons will be summarized. All jobs completed by the Profile 2 will be automatically reassigned to Profile 1, the same goes for the Invoices and CRM.
You can decide which Vendor profile is Profile 1 and which is Profile 2.The button with the arrows allows you to swap profiles:

In your case, I'd suggest selecting both "Company" vendor profiles. Set the profile from August to be the Profile 1 and the profile from October to be the Profile 2 and merge.
After merging the contact person who was transferred to the Profile1 would need to re-activate the account in the Vendor Portal duet to the fact that the Vendor Profile changed for this contact. 
Sending the invitation to the Vendor Portal to this contact after the merging seems to be a good idea.