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Development: client history within the system

SBWC 3 years ago in Home Portal updated 3 years ago 2

When creating a new quote for a client, would it be possible to have access to more information on the client's history?

Such as:

 - non-conformities

 - specific instructions stored as comments in the system (maybe create a section on a client level?)

The goal would be that people working during backups have access to the same amount of information as the usual PM, without leaving the system

Under review

You do have access to both: 

- non-conformity reports are found in Reports > Client Feedback > filter by client

- plenty of space in Client > Notes and Sales Notes. 

Is there anything else / different that you expect to store / recall?

Thank you for your prompt feedback.

I know that the information can be stored in the system, actually we do it already.

However, would it be possible to have access to these information directly from the quote creation page, or to see if there are open non-conformity from the client at least (like you have when one of your client is selected as a permanent non-payer)?

The goal would be to be able to have access to the info when creating the quote, to make sure the person creating it knows the context.

I know it's a bit tedious, maybe there are simple shortcuts to make it appear on the creation page