vendor competency vs price profile

Robrecht Belien 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by Lennart Tondeleir 2 years ago 1


We have some vendors with multiple price profiles. This works great. 

The problem is that the competencies are for all price profiles. So when one of the price profiles doesn't have a price for for a job type that is in the list of competenies the system doesn't find a rate. But it does show up in vendor selection rules.

Is the only solution to copy the missing rates to all the price profiles? That makes changing a price a very difficult task. Especially when the vendor requests a price change via the vendor portal.


Wouldn't it help to put the shared prices in a vendor price list and link both price profiles to the price list? If I remember correctly, the system will first look in the price profile and if no price is found fall back on the price list.