Where to save feedback if vendor abandons job?

Seyma Albarino 3 years ago in Something Else updated by Laszlo Kovacs 3 years ago 2

If a vendor abandons a job s/he accepted, where can we save feedback so that other PMs know about this experience? Once the job is canceled or reassigned to a new vendor, it's no longer associated with the initial vendor, so there's no place to record feedback on the vendor's poor performance on that particular job.

Any suggestions as to where we can record feedback for this type of situation? Thank you!


We make notes like that in the general "notes" section that shows up on the contact summary (edited in Main Data > Identification Data), and have our View for vendors to show the notes as one of the columns. We also utilize the categories like "too expensive" and a few of our own for certain common descriptors as well, and have them show up on our views too. I'm interested to see if anyone else handles it another way.

We do the same: we use the vendor's general Notes section for all info like this - including positive experience and other little things like "don't bother her by phone, she doesn't like it", "loves gaming translations" etc. 

And we also have a specific view we use to search for vendors, and Notes are displayed there.