Lack of information in the Vendor portal

Innovalang 3 years ago in Vendor Portal updated by Laszlo Kovacs 3 years ago 8

It should be useful if vendors could see the volume of the job and the Project name in addition to the automatic code which is generated by XTRF.

Is it possible to add these informations in the job offer screen?

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Job offers are able to show volume provided a payable is available in a job.

Showing client or project name in VP is a special feature that may not be on in your plan.

Ok about volume provided by paybles, but what if paybles are based on target pages count? I cannot know it in advance, so I have to insert an estimate and then, when vendors end their job, update the paybles?

Yes, I think so.

If a vendor's payments are always based on target pages, then does it implicate they have pricing only for that unit?

Here are two ways to address that in XTRF:

  • update the job payables after job is finished, i.e. change source words to target pages,
  • allow for two payables per job (1) word-based payabes with no price as an estimate and after job is done, (2) add target-page-based payable.

I agree that this should be in the vendor portal. 

But Lukasz, are you saying that I can't show a project name because I don't have high enough of a plan? That strikes me as odd. 

One more think I'd like to see in the VP is the payable description. Is the payable description seen anywhere?


Even with a payable, vendors can't size up the workload at the first glance, it requires clicking on the analysis and digesting the numbers.
Show the weighted word count on the spot, just like the PM would see it in the back end.
The weighted word count is also very useful for other jobs downstream in the task, like proofreading/validation/layout.

Currently, our PMs resort to copy-pasting the WWC to give the other vendors in the chain a heads-up of how much work is coming.

Hi Jan,

We have the word count in the job offer mail (and it's subject). If they click on the offer and go to the offer page on the VP they see the complete CAT analysis with their rates applied.


I think one of the more challenging parts is when vendors invoice. They only see the task numbers, no descriptions to help them know which task is related to which job. I think adding the payable description here would be enormously helpful for the vendor. 

For us the workload indication (weighted word count) was quite enough, but we missed a lot of other information, including the name and email address of the translator and editor, as well as the status of each workflow step.

We wrote a macro to include all relevant information in the Instruction field. This macro is run periodically every hour, and so for it proved to be quite effective.