Payment reminders

Tomas Buchta 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by Sancho Leath 3 years ago 1

We are currently deciding on a system for automatically sending payment reminders to clients with unpaid invoices and it would be interesting to hear experience from others how you deal with this aspect. One of the challenges is that we have multiple different versions of such reminders depending on how much time passed since the due date while XTRF allows (AFAIK) for only one email template of the type "When client is reminded about a delayed payment". This could be probably worked around by putting some if/else code into the template that will allow for using more versions. Then we are thinking of a macro that will periodically run and sent the above reminder for all invoices with given delay since the due date.

Any tips or ideas you can share how this can be handled efficiently?

Sorry. Can't add anything to this conversation because we handle all our accounting processes outside of XTRF once the invoices have been issued, including payment monitoring.