Assign invoice number/upload file for multiple invoice specifications

Alexandros 3 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 3


Is there a way to add the same actual invoice (assign the number and upload the file) for several provider invoice specifications? 

Sometimes a vendor sends an invoice for 6-7 specifications, and we have to go into each one, add the number and upload the same file many times. It would be more reasonable to select the specifications and have a button on top which would let us add a single invoice (number and file) for all of the selected specifications.

Under review

I do not think this is a good idea - see http://xtrf.userecho.com/topics/631-vendor-invoicing-prevent-duplicates-in-numbering-improve-adding-jobs-to-invoice/ - it should not be allowed to have more than one vendor invoice with the same number.

They should always send you one invoice for every specification. There can be many jobs combined on one specification. Wouldn't you allow them to do just that through Vendor Portal, ie. to add as many jobs as they are invoicing you for? Or would the other vendors be lost and you prefer sending the specializations instead and this is just an exception?

A real-life scenario where this is useful would be for providers who do not invoice us each month/for each specification because the amount is too small. We have several providers who invoice us once every 3-4 months because of this.

I think the problem in the other thread is different. We are talking about a provider (correctly) invoicing several specifications at once, in a single invoice with a single number.

The two problems in the other thread, from what I understand are:

  1. Providers who use the same invoice number for different actual invoices
  2. Providers who do not invoice all the jobs in one specification and split them between different invoices

So, in my view:

  • Invoicing several specifications in a single invoice is acceptable
  • Splitting the jobs from a single specification in multiple invoices is not acceptable

Alexandros, specifications equal invoices in XTRF. They both combine multiple jobs/PO's. I would not like to add complexity by making a split between specification and invoice.