Invoiced marked as PAID

m.wiewior 3 years ago in Client Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 3

Client has paid a pro-forma invoice. I am going to settle a real invoice for this payment and would like to mark that the amount has been already paid, so that it is also visible on the invoice, for the client. Where can I do that?


I would love for all of the invoices to show paid and also to show partial payments.

To mark client invoice as already paid you to need to open it in the system and go to the Payments tab. There you can mark the invoice as Fully paid. 

This operation will also automatically move the invoice to the Paid section in the Customer Portal. 

If the Payment status of the invoice should also be also indicated on the Invoice document generated from XTRF (the pdf) it would require customization of the Client Invoice document template.

@Allie Do I understand correctly that you would like to see the invoice payment status on the generated document? If so, the template customization is required.