Error about Audit when importing multiple data on Client or Vendor profile

Popie Matsouka 3 years ago in Something Else updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 3 years ago 1


When I try to import multiple rates for a Vendor or a Client, I get a message which says that Auditing is turned on and must be disabled before I can proceed. The problem is, it does not say which one of the multiple options I should disable, I have them all enabled. Is it one in particular, or all of them?

I'm taking about: "Advanced Configuration > System > Audit > Client, Client Invoice, Periodic Job, Project, Quote, System, Unknown, Vendor, Vendor Invoice."

Any ideas?



Turn all of them off. They caused XTRF problems in the past and have been redone for version 7.

You can turn them back on after import if you wish, but I would just wait for an upgrade.