Can I query complaints?

Berber 3 years ago in Something Else updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 2 years ago 9

How can I query complaints and non-conformities?

All feedback reports filled in the XTRF system can be found in the Reports module, the Client feedback display.

I have a somewhat related question:

How can I run a weekly management report (via periodic jobs) that lists all CRM and QA (client feedback, nonconformity) entries made in the past week? The Reports card apparently only allows me to run statistics on this, but I would like to have a report with the actual entries (content) made.


A weekly subscription can be prepared for many views: CRM and Client Feedback as well. Here's how:

  1. Have a view in Client Feedback that shows all entries from the past week:

  2. Go to Periodic Jobs an add a new one sending that view:

  3. There are more settings typical to Periodic Jobs, like who would be the recipient/s or how often to send the subscribed view. It sounds like you may be already familiar with them :)

Thank you. Just managed to set up the periodic reports.

Hi Lukasz. I did have another related query. In the CRM weekly activity report I created based on your previous reply, I need to use "Last Modification" as a filter instead of merely the started/create date. Example: I want to see not only new CRM entries made by my team, but just as importantly the updated entries on already existing CRM items. Last week I failed to be informed on an important CRM update because of that. But it seems that while "Last Modification" is available as a column, it isn't as a filter ... even in XTRF 7. The screenshot is based on XTRF 7.

I was not aware of this one, but added it to a ticket that--when done--will address such inconsistencies in XTRF.

Hello Lukasz: Thanks for adding a ticket. In the meantime, is there a way I can ensure that I will see all CRM activities of my team that were carried out in the past week in a periodic job report that is sent to me every Monday morning?

Currently, my filter-based weekly report is based on the filter "Added on". But if I understand XTRF right, updates in existing CRM entries will not update the "Added on" date/time, right? Since "Last Modification" is currently not available as a filter, can you think of any other way I will not miss out on CRM activities in my weekly report?

And while I am asking about CRM entries, here is another "question":

Upon associating a client with a CRM entry, we typically want to select a specific client contact. When clicking on the drop-down list, all client contact persons appear, but in no apparent logical order - not alphabetically by first or last name. One PM's guess of the current sorting criterion was shoe size ... but we do not capture that data in our system in view of the impending DSGVO  :o)

If the order of contacts on the list is repeatable, then they are "sorted" by their database ids. A minor bug has just been reported.