Who is on vacation today/this week?

Michal Shinitzky 7 years ago in Home Portal updated by J_N 6 years ago 4


I would like to know how to create a display (on my dashboard or anywhere else) that presents who is on holiday today/this week/any other selected date rage.

Pls advise how to to do it, as I couldn't find instruction anywhere.




it would be great if there was some notification that the selected vendor is on leave. Currently (and maybe I'm missing something here) the only way to see whether the vendor is on holiday is to check directly in Vendor tab in XTRF, which is not really handy (we assume vendors are available for work, not on holidays). When assigning a job to the vendor on holiday, it would be great if there was an option to display a notification saying for example "This vendor is on holiday, are you sure you want to assign the job to this vendor?".

Thank you for considering.


I think It could be also good functionality that the vendor could decide that he can receive job requests during vacation or not.


I wonder if you are familiar with the Availability column in the Vendors view. The blue boxes indicate vendors on holidays:

So, if you rely on PM's selecting vendors manually to jobs, they will notice their unavailability.

And if you automate and happen to use Smart Projects with Vendor Selection Rules, the rule can be set up to avoid notifying those away:


Dear Lukasz,

thank you very much for your reply.

We know about the Availability column in the Vendors view. Holiday is nicely displayed there, but again - one has to think of checking whether the vendor is on holiday.

When assigning vendors to the individual jobs, we use Workflow Graph view of the given project and assign the vendor directly using the Select Vendor button and typing the Vendor's name - that way we were not able to see whether the actual (preferred Vendor) is on holiday. That's where it would be handy to have the "pop-up" warning informing about holiday.

However, if we use another Select Vendor button (instead of just typing Vendor's name), this opens Price Profiles view which can be adjusted so vendor's availability is displayed. This is most likely the way we will go now.

Thank you again for your suggestions.

Kind regards,