Where to save feedback on vendor's performance?

Seyma Albarino 3 years ago in Something Else updated by Serena 3 years ago 2

Where can you save feedback on a vendor's performance? We'd like the feedback to be associated with that vendor's profile (so it's convenient for PMs searching for a vendor to read about other PMs' experiences), without the vendor being able to view it. The "internal feedback" in the job evaluation section of a project doesn't seem to be accessible anywhere else.

Any recommended solutions or work-arounds? Thanks!


Thank you for your message. For now, the best way to browse vendor's feedback would be by following the instruction below:

1. Go to the vendor's profile.
2. Click on the Jobs tab.
3. On the right side you will be able to add new view. On the positions list please seek for Internal Feedback (Evaluation may be also useful).
4. When a new view with Internal Feedback column is added, please search for any vendor by name or project ID and you will see the data.


The configurability of views allows for these and other possible ways to organize feedback for vendors. One of the limitations we see is the inability to upload an associated file such as our own evaluation sheet. Thus, we have to copy and paste, which ruins the formatting, or put in a link to the document, which can become broken.

I'd like to see the option to upload an associated file at the job level for vendor evaluation/feedback.