Training Videos for older versions inaccessible?

Maria Terilidou 3 years ago in Something Else updated by Angel Morato 4 weeks ago 8

In June (and until July) we were able to open the above mentioned link that had video tutorials about how to optimize the use of XTRF. But since then, every time I click the link, it redirects us to a page which asks for a username and a password. I tried it with my company credentials (the ones I use to log in to the platform, every day) but still no luck. Could you please advise on that?


They are outdated - referring to a non-supported version 3.1 and we decided to remove them.

Which videos were you looking for in particular? What kind of information?

Hi Lukasz, thank you for your prompt answer. I was looking for all the tutorial videos explaining all the XTRF modules, hot to use them, gasic tricks and information about them. Could I find them somewhere else?

Let me see what can be done about it. At the moment, however, consider the access gone.

Expect a direct message from our team tomorrow.

Hi Lukasz, I am also interested in that Video Material. Could You please send me info. ;) Thanks in advance


I would need your exact affiliation or your work email please for future contact. At the moment, the videos remain inaccessible. We are checking what options there are.

Is there any other place we could find material about XTRF, its use, function, tricks and how we can optimize its usage from our side?

Our Help Center contains user guides in written form: https://knowledgebase.xtrf.eu/display/XTRFHelp/. It is considered your primary source of knowledge if you are not using the Smart Projects :)


You can use my voices and free music for these videos