Quick Books Online API integration

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Hi Forum users,

We have recently moved over to Quick Books Online and subscribed to the XTRF Intergration API.  Was wondering if any other XTRF users are currently running the integration successfully. We would be interested in sharing our experience and potential issues.

Thanks all




We use QBO, and one of the benefits of using XTRF was this integration. Having said that, we had nothing but trouble working the integration and in the end decided to not use the sync. Maybe we'll use it down the road.

I'm not convinced that the sync doesn't work, but it's more complicated that we had anticipated, and caused many problems as we tried to roll it out. I don't want to discourage you from using it, \but I have many experience that I can share regarding the challenges of integration with QBO. I'm happy to try to share them in a constructive way.


Hello Mark,

I would be very interested to hear your hands-on experience with the QuickBooks integration since we are planning to start using it soon too. If you can share your feedback here on contact me at t.buchta@itcfrance.com I will very much appreciate it.

All the best


Hi Gents,

Apologies for my delay in responding to the forum.  Especially as I created the thread. NOTE: I am discussing QuickBooks ONLINE only here so could not comment on Quickbooks Desktop.

However, to date we have the integration working for Vendors between XTRF and Quickbooks Online (from a Vendor Perspective things are quite smooth).  

Once the invoices reach Quickbooks that appears to be another story at the moment - I have helpdesk tickets out as I believe that the API populates incorrectly to Quickbooks Online (PRODUCTS and SERVICES currently popluate the ITEM DETAILS on the QBO Supplier Bill - I believe these should be populating ACCOUNT DETAILS.  Hopefully then I can create in the CHART OF ACCOUNTS which match to the names (exactly) of the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES which I am hoping will feed directly into QBO - the supplier bills are in effect in a trade creditors suspense account which is zero as the invoices are paid.

By the way we are running exclusively on SMART Projects - as we have just gone live and Classic appear not to be the focus going foward.

Also, Our QBO is intergrated with an FX Payment Provider which I can share with you if you wish.  QBO <> FX Provider works really well.  Clearly our ulitmate aim on the VENDOR side is XTRF <> QBO <> FX PAYMENTS <> QBO <> XTRF with minimal manual keying.

Current stage - waiting for XTRF to confirm what they think the API should do VENDOR wise.  Also have tickets for the CLIENT side out with XTRF.

Will keep you posted.



Good luck with your integration. 

Here's another question for you. How does your instance of QBO work when you apply surcharges or discounts? The way we set up our accounts in QBO, the surcharges and discounts didnt' track correctly and there was no good alternative. We are now considering rather than using the surcharge/discount buttons, just adding positive and negative receivables that map to specific accounts in QBO.


Here's another challenge that I confronted... In our QBO, we have always recorded our specific receivables. So, we wanted to do the same when we moved to XTRF. That turned out to be a big challenge. XTRF is set up to export Tasks, but not receivables. So, if you want to keep receivable level detail in your QBO account, you will find challenges. If your process is only to have task level (or if you are able to adapt to recording task level or project level data), then I think it would be much smoother of a transition for you. I wish I had known that initially.