Unique image inserted into email or document template

Michal 1 month ago in API updated 3 weeks ago 2

Anybody has tried inserting a unique image into either an XTRF generated email or a document template (invoice) while the image would be generated via an API call?

What do you mean by a unique image generated by API? Isn't this like:

<img src="https://your-api-server.com/generate-image/12343426467678890231234">

Hi Marcin,

I meant this scenario: XTRF sends an API request to a third party service with the data below, the 3rd party generates a QR code image that XTRF places into the invoice itself or into the email notification used to send the invoice.

Data to send via API: 
- Supplier IBAN, Supplier SWIFT,

- Invoice number, Total to be paid, Payment due date,