Avoiding selecting proofreader that did the translation?

Bartosz Gumula 3 weeks ago in Home Portal updated 2 weeks ago 5

Hi All,

I think I know the answer to my question but I decided to give it a try.

Has anyone figured out how to avoid selecting the same proofreader who did the translation in the same project?

We are starting to use the "Advanced Job Offers" but this feature also does not exist in this tool. 

Dear Bartosz,

We have managed to create a workaround for this issue, but it is a heavy technical implementation. Although I will put it down here if you want to make the effort.

We send the e-mails through our own e-mail proxy, read the content. If the provider in this e-mail has already been assigned in the same project as translator, we reject the job offer through the api/macro. In this case the provider doesn't get an e-mail and only for a few seconds they could accept the offer in the vendor portal. This is short enough for the provider not to even notice the job.

Good luck!

Oof, that is heavy indeed.

Thank you very much for this, it is something that I would not thought of.

Have a good day!


We are in the process of implementing "advanced job offers". There is one feature that, we think (I will let you know after a few weeks on live), will solve the issue. 

In the advanced offers, you can sort the vendors by the ones that did not receive new jobs the longest. It helps with engaging with Vendor base as well as (we believe...) getting rid of that issue.

Well that sounds like a good alternative as well! We haven't tried out the advanced job offers yet as we built most of it ourselves on top of XTRF. 


I thought that probably you already own some infrastructure that does that for you. Decided to add the comment for all other members of the community in case they ever need that :)